The Most Stupid Online Income Decision of my Adult Life

The Dumbest Online Income Decision of My Adult Life Lead to Success

Hello again everyone!

Today I want to share with you, how I moved from promoting MLM products tirelessly online, through all the apps and “Get Paid To…” Websites, to owning my own sustainable online business.

To give you a little back story,  I have been searching and learning about online income streams for the past 10 years. For 7 years, I went through all the ways you can think of to make money online, from surveys to cash apps to bitcoins to MLM companies, and countless others. I got tricked by pyramid schemes, went through many scams, and legit online opportunities. None seemed to work.

The dumbest online income decision of my adult life – Following blindly

Six years ago, while making the dumbest online income decisions of my adult life, I found a seminar that promised to teach me how to make money online. Now here comes the stupid backstory…

The seminar was on this site where you could “earn money from viewing Ads”, which by the way, turned out to be a huge waste of my time. After viewing each ad for about 30 seconds, they would credit my account with something like 0.01 USD. So to make 1 USD, I would have to view 100 such ads.

That would amount to 50 minutes of viewing ads for $1. So at 8 hrs of screen time, after I would have completely destroyed my eyes, I would earn approximately $8. Looking back, this was the dumbest yet the best decision I ever made in the 10 years of being online but, without that Ad viewing… time-wasting venture, I would not have found this opportunity that I am about to discuss with you.

Sometimes stupid online decisions pay off

At this junction, I was also with a legit MLM company but I simply did not have the skills or time to throw these product parties and I could not promote the products enough to get ahead in the business.

So, out of pure desperation, I decided to click on the link in the Ad (which could have been an information tracking virus but hey, I was stupid back then). I listened to the entire free seminar on “how to make money online” instead of just listening to the 30-second clip. The guy went on and on about how he learned to make a 6 figure income online and I figured well, I tried learning on my own and only got scams and complete time-wasters along the way, so I was ready to try a new approach. Again, I clicked on a very random link of a company I had never heard about before in my life for “Affiliate Marketing,” something I knew nothing about. I know you are seeing a pattern here but I promise you I’m not a total lunatic.

My first experience with Wealthy Affiliate – The light at the end of the tunnel

This was the first time that I could see myself making a very real income, doing whatever I wanted to do, in the comfort of my own home, in my own time, but it took a while to sink in. What am I going on about?

walking through the door you prayed for

During my first day of joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member, I learned about affiliate marketing and how I could use whatever I am passionate about to create a sustainable online income through content creation. Below I will show you how my learning process progressed to a sustainable income, but first I should tell you that it took me years to really pay attention to the program. I was very distracted by all the shiny new online promises and got sidetracked for almost 3 years before settling with affiliate marketing. What can I say? I was young and stupid.

Do not make the same mistakes that I did. After years wasted, I got another message from Wealthy Affiliate as a subtle reminder that my free account was still active. I went back to the community and that is where the real journey began. I decided to put my foot down, avoid all shiny new ventures, and plant some roots in affiliate marketing.  To do this, I had to learn the following lessons:

Lesson 1 – What is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, you find a way to sell products that you do not own, without even buying any of the products. The world is your oyster.

For example, you decide that cooking is your forte. Now you can become an affiliate of whichever company is selling kitchen appliances or cookbooks, write about meal prep ideas or review products and earn from these articles or videos. You can also promote the Wealthy Affiliates company itself and earn a hefty commission for each premium signup.

Lesson 2 – How can I avoid promoting these products face to face or on social media?

Simple, blog about it on your very own Website. Now you might be saying “Hold up little Miss, that sounds very complicated.” Yeah, I thought so too. But at Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a Website within 30 seconds for free with 5 simple steps:


To start, I clicked on Website in my Dashboard at Wealthy Affiliate 


Step 1 – Click on ‘Site Builder’


Step 2 – I Selected my domain option as “Free domain” since I was new and I did not even know what “Domain” meant and as such, I definitely did not own one, nor was I ready to “Register a Domain”




Step 3 – I Named My Website.

step 4 – I Chose how I wanted my website to look- 1000’s of options


Step 5-  I clicked on Build my Website


And Just like that, I had my very own Website.

So my next question was…Now that I have my Website, how will I get people to view my Website?

Lesson # 3 – How to get people to visit my Website without paid promotions

To do this, the Wealthy Affiliate platform offers a simple solution called SEO. That is short for Search Engine Optimization. It sounds very technical but what it means is just tipping the scales so that Google will find your content and send relevant traffic your way. If your content is optimized efficiently, then when someone searches for whichever topic you write about, Google will put your article as an answer and you will get natural traffic this way. This way, all you need to do is write and Google will do the promotion for you, for free. Neat trick right?

To put this into context, have you ever wanted to find out more about a product and typed it into Google search? What decides where you will land? Google. With the tips given at Wealthy Affiliate, your content will be the answer to the questions being asked.

Lesson # 4 – How will I know what questions are being asked by people using Google?

Whatever you write about, should answer a question being asked on Google. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a tool called Jaaxy, which you can use to search for keywords that are popular under your niche/ area of interest.

For example, going back to your cooking Website, possible Keywords could be

“Best cookbooks for 2020”

“Best pressure cooker for 2020”

“Best juice extractor for 2020”

Lesson # 5 – How do I find companies who are looking for Associates to promote products?

Simple, Wealthy Affiliate made this search easy for you. All you need to do is type a keyword and the options will come to you. You can apply to companies such as Amazon, eBay, Target, Home Depot, Local businesses, Herbal companies, Affiliate platforms such as ShareASale, and  CJ Affiliates, to name a few. The important thing is just finding some Affiliate programs that carry products under your niche/ content ideas.

Lesson # 6 –  How do I write content that will encourage people to take action and use the links I provide in my content?

Wealthy Affiliate provides training videos with easy to follow, step by step instructions on content creation. These lessons will teach you how to write is such a way that you are not only Google friendly but reader-friendly. I learned almost everything I know from these lessons. Below you can see one section of the training platform “Affiliate Bootcamp” with 7 courses and 70 lessons with all you need to know about content creation and marketing your Website without paid promotions.

It is not rocket science and does not take any advanced computer skills

If you have access to a laptop, then you are well on your way. This did not take any advanced computer skills. I did not do IT after 9th grade and nothing I learned there applied here. Everything is laid out in simple steps in the videos and in the written tutorials below each video, plus you will always have help along the way.

Other Benefits of Joining the Wealthy Affiliate community

I say community because as you can see in the dashboard section, there is a live events tab, a live chat section, and a help center.

Live Events

We get weekly live training from the best in the industry, with updated ways to stay on top of Google and online marketing trends.

Live Chat

Here you will have live interaction with the community of thousands of members who are always ready to help with any questions that you might have along the way.

Also, under each training, there is live interaction going on among the people who are at the same level of training.

Blogging within the community

You can write blog posts within the community similar to Facebook status updates, but most are Website related or success stories as seen below under the “Where am I now” heading.

Earn Commissions for Referrals to Wealthy Affiliate

While this is not my main income stream, some members make it their priority to promote the platform and earn a pretty penny doing so. Take a look at screenshots of the commission rates below.

Where am I now?

Well for starters, I quit making stupid online income decisions. At first, it was very hard to turn a blind eye to all the hot new “opportunities” on the market promising to be the next big thing.

I opened a free account in 2014 and a premium account with WA in 2017, BUT I was still getting sidetracked by all the noise in the online marketing world, so I did not put in any work initially. I finally got settled in WA in 2018 and I decided to put some real effort into my Website. Since then, it has been paying off nicely.

I am currently a yearly premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and I have been affiliated with companies such as Amazon, eBay, Target and Home Depot to name a few. Now I own 1 major Website and 4 new Websites that I am just playing around with for now.

I had my first $1000 check from Amazon in 2018 and of course, I blogged about it within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Since then, my earnings have been able to support my tuition (MD) and other minor expenses.


You can track my progress at WA and start a journey of your own by signing up for a free or premium account. I would recommend starting with the free account where you only need an email address to sign up, no credit card information required. This way, you can take the time to figure out if this is the right choice for you before committing to anything long term.

Check out the membership details by clicking on the WA banner in the sidebar.

If you are sure that this is the path you want to take, there is a promotion going on with Discounted fees due to the COVID pandemic. I am unsure of how long this will last.

If you need any help getting started in affiliate marketing, drop a comment below and I would be happy to give you a few pointers.

Also, check out the HomeBody Income 60-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge and other suggested posts below. You might find something useful among the chatter 🙂



11 thoughts on “The Dumbest Online Income Decision of My Adult Life Lead to Success”

  1. What so amazes me is how some of these platforms are so dishonest in seeking to make you believe how easy it is in making lots of money. If watching and grading movies brought you hudge salaries then everybody just about would be at home eating popcorn 5-7 days a week from their homes.

    MLM I know too well about these pyramid schemes that promise you the world. You work so hard and have very little to show for it while spending so much of your hard-earned dollars from your nine to five jobs.

    Wealthy Affiliate brings a different flavor because while you learn you can earn a good income building thriving businesses overtime. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and I am so happy that the Good Lord allowed me to cross path with them.

    • Absolutely right you are. Hit the nail on the head with those MLM companies. Only people at the very TOP make a decent living from them. They work the bottom level employees to the bone and the get little in return.

  2. Really good and solid information here on how to generate income in affiliate marketing. Also your experience of being led to Wealthy Affiliate through a low paying, time-consuming venture shows that it is just important to stay in the game and learn as you go. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can really relate to this. Love your article. I did the same myself years ago. I worked my ass off for pennies. After I found WA it all changed. I am so happy I found WA and multiple opportunities to earn income as a premium member.

    • You’re right. I’m trying to venture into becoming an affiliate for WA now. So many ways to earn. We should try to take advantage of fall the avenues.
      I just checked out your WA profile and added you to my contact list in WA. You seem to be doing well. Congrats!

  4. Hey Can you tell me how much it costs to get started with the Wealthy Affiliates program? Are there any additional benefits or tools for writers that you haven’t mentioned here?

    • There are many other benefits. I did not want to bore you with all the details in one post. Instead, I plan on doing a video tour of the community for my readers.

      Some additional benefits of WA include:
      1. The ability to earn affiliate commissions even as a free member
      2. Content research tools such as Jaaxy. This way you are never out of ideas
      3. A free trip to vegas for top performers
      4. This is probably the most important. There is help within the community 24/7s from members from all over the world so you never feel like you are alone while working. All you have to do head over to your dashboard and get social or ask a question if you feel stuck. The best part of being at WA is the community of like-minded individuals at different levels in the training ready and willing to help you at every turn. You will see what I mean in the videos I am posting this week

      I hope this helps,
      Cheers to your success!

      • RE the pricing, Click here – it is a link with the standard pricing and membership benefits of each package. Whichever membership you go with, there is an initial discount that you will see when signing up. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the platform has extended the courtesy of the Black Friday prices to all members. Very big discount


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