How long does it take to make 100,000 USD per year in affiliate marketing online

How Long Does it Take to Earn 100,000 USD Per Year in Affiliate Marketing?

Hello again HomeBodies, today I want to talk to you about what I call the race to becoming a “millionaire.” But first, you have to know how long it takes to get to your first $100,000 year with your affiliate marketing ventures.


Why are some people killing it online while others seem to be stuck earning less than $50 per month?

That is what used to be my biggest puzzle…

How the freaky frek were these people making so much money while I was there struggling to make 2 cents? I can speak with authority here because I have been there, A full 8 hrs online for $8…that was stupid…I quit.

Read more about that experience here

But eventually, after many dumb attempts to make money online from Ponzi schemes (I was unaware), get paid to watch videos, play games, send emails, etc etc, I finally figured it out.

Affiliate Marketing is the King of the Online Business World

Affiliate marketing is king

It is a sustainable way to earn money online and get into the early retirement club.

Now, why are some people killing it in Affiliate Marketing while others stay in the struggle?

Simple, you do not know how to market the company you are representing, that is, if you were even able to get a company to associate with you in the first place. Been there.

The secrets to successful affiliate marketing…

There is no way around it, content creation is the QUEEN to the KING and Arguably – The only way.

If you do not have somewhere to promote your associates and their products, you are already dead in the business. Here are some of the popular ways to promote affiliate links:

  1. Social Platforms
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Instagram
    4. Pinterest…Don’t fight me on this, I’ll explain.
    5. TikTok…again, no fighting! I’m a tiny person.
    6. You get the point…no I mean you get the point, this is not really a social media platform 🙂 but there are others.
  2. Youtube
  3. Websites/Blogs
  4. Hosting products parties. This was a test. That is MLM. We DO NOT do that…and if you are an expert affiliate marker I hope you were outraged that I mentioned it here lol

For all the social media platforms that do not offer money for views or subscriptions, you can use them to drive traffic to your content that contains the affiliate links.

“But I own a Website, I am on social media and I just started a YouTube channel. I still SUCK AT LIFE…SOOOO what’s up with that????”

Why we suck at life-HomeBody Income Quotes

Having all the tools does not guarantee your success. As a matter of fact, It is very fair to say that even with everything mentioned up there, 90% of affiliate marketers will fail. With Trump’s Administration predicting a rise to 20% unemployment throughout 2020 and possibly beyond, we need this to work.

Why are you failing?

Top 3 reasons why you might suck at life as an affiliate marketer:

# 1 Reason: You have no idea what you are really supposed to be doing.

I was there. I had all the tools and no idea how to use them. As a matter of fact, I am okay with my Website, It is a constant learning curve but I am earning a sustainable income. However, I am just learning how to make Youtube videos and I SUCK!! Big Time. But the important point I need you to take from that is, I am learning. You need to find a learning platform.

I just completed the first training course at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for YouTube content creation.  Check out my first screen recorded Youtube video here and have a laugh at the awkwardness that is Crystal. Feel better about yourself, and get back in the game. I might suck at YouTube now but I have to be in it to win it. I used Filmora to edit. I promise I will get better at it one day, and then I will hook you up with a tutorial like a boss. In the meantime, download Filmora and test it out. I use Screencast-O-Matic to screen record and Doodly for my doodle videos.

#2 Reason: You are unwilling to invest the time required to get there

Most of the Affiliate marketers you see at the top did not get there by a fluke accident. They worked  hard on their content and moved from 100/month–> $500/month –> $1000/month –> 10,000/ month and beyond.

For example, if you take a look at How I made my first $1000/month Affiliate Marketing Income, you will see that it did not happen at the snap of a finger. I invested months of work before I got there.

How I made my first 1000 USD in Affiliate Marketing

# 3 Reason: Procrastination is not your friend.

So you finally get the training that you needed but…You do not take action on what you learn.

We have all had that moment where we went through a lesson and felt accomplished for completing the tutorial but did not do anything we were told to do. Complete FAIL. ERROR…try again, because with this attitude you will continue to suck at life. As I said, I have been there so I can tell you from experience, taking action is the only way.

In my opinion, if you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate and take action on your websites a few hours per day, then it is a reasonable goal to be making USD 100,000 after your 1st year.

Wherever you choose to get that knowledge, as long as it is a good affiliate marketing learning platform, then go ahead and put that time in. This is a lifetime investment. One good piece of marketable content will earn you thousands for years to come. So invest the time in your business.

My final advice to you

I know at this point I sound like a broken record, but I am only trying to drill it into your head that if anybody promises you that you will make $100,000 in 2 months, they are either scamming you or using you to scam someone else.  2 years, when compared to a lifetime of success, is just a minute in the day. So get your perspective straight and Put the work in.

Wealthy Affiliate is my # Recommended training platform because it works. It worked for me and is working for others. They even offer free memberships with the opportunity to earn as a free member. I am a premium member now but I was a free member when I just started out.



I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know in the comment section what you think about affiliate marketing. What are you doing to make money online?

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Until next time, keep on keeping on HomeBodies. You’ve got this!


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