From Zero to 1000 USD per month in affiliate sales

How I Moved From Zero to My First $1000 per Month Online Income

Today I want to share with you the ten steps I took to move from zero dollars per day in online income to my first $1000 paycheck back in 2018. I am still using the same method and it still works today. My online business has only grown since then.

So back in 2018, I moved completely away from the MLM market to affiliate marketing. I simply did not have the time, patience, nor the skill set to make an MLM business work. I found it tiresome to be constantly posting products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I just wanted a change.

Serendipity in a Moment of Stupidity 

HomeBody Income Quote-stupid online income decisions rarely pay off

Looking back, I must have been crazy to try the things I tried…

In 2014, I  had discovered affiliate marketing but I was constantly being distracted by shiny, new so-called opportunities on the internet. I moved from 1 business to the next until this became a toxic cycle of scams. Sometimes, within a week, I would have gone through as many as 10 companies.

Looking back, I appreciate all the mistakes that I made because, without these stupid decisions, I would not have found my current business. After all, that is what we are all trying to do as online entrepreneurs but sometimes, we have to kiss a few frogs before we finally meet our handsome prince.

In 2014, while making the dumbest online business choice of my adult life, serendipity struck and I finally was introduced to affiliate marketing. With the venture I was pursuing at that time, I was spending 8 hours per day on the internet to make approximately $8. Don’t judge, I already told you it was dumb. I will not bore you with the details right now but if you want to learn more about my dumbest moment and the serendipity instant that lead me on the path to affiliate marketing, read my previous post…

The Dumbest Online Income Decision of My Adult Life Lead to Success

After much straying and returning to affiliate marketing, I finally settled with Wealthy Affiliate in 2018. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform that gave me all the tools, including Websites and hosting, to start my affiliate business online.

Are you NEW to affiliate marketing? I was too.

If so, I suggest you go ahead and read the post above before continuing with this. In a nutshell, I promote products by creating useful content about the product, writing product reviews, etc. I do not own, buy, or directly sell any of these products. All I do is drop them in related content that I write. Content creation is the most effective proven way to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

At first glance, Affiliate Marketing seemed hard to me. Content creation seemed impossible. I was not a writer, I don’t know how to make good videos and I know nothing about podcasts or anything of the sort, so how was I going to create content? It seemed daunting until I watched the first training video at Wealthy affiliate. I immediately realized that all it took was consistency because I was provided with all the tools and baby steps to follow.

For example, this content is related to Wealthy Affiliate as a product and somewhere in the article or to the side, I might decide to add a link. It is that simple. Prime example, I am no expert, but the tool used to create those Quotes you see above?… Free, plus there is training in the community on how to use it.

Sharing your honest thoughts, ideas, and opinions and earning from it

Inspiration for your niche is all around you- HomeBody Income Quotes

I don’t own a cat. That would have been another dumb decision. They’re cute but I’m allergic.

A product/your niche can be anything…A book, a device, traveling, basketball, pet care, anything. Whatever you are passionate about, there are Billions of people on Earth with access to the internet and they are searching for information about it. Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to become the first article you find when you search for something related to the topic I write about.

I followed the 10 steps outlined below and then after one month and some days of implementing some simple tips I learned from the Wealthy Affiliate live training platform (discussed in detail in the article above), I jumped from $8 per day on the time-wasting venture, to $500/month. In another 2 months, I was earning 1000/month. Since then, the business has been growing.

Here is what I did – The 10 steps to my 1st $1000 Amazon paycheque.

  1. I joined Wealthy Affiliate free membership

This was my first step towards becoming a successful online affiliate marketer. I went in with zero expectations but was pleasantly surprised when I was exposed to the community and saw the potential for income. After watching the first tutorial that explained affiliate marketing in detail, I thought to myself, I could do this right? I am already on my laptop all day so why not put my time to good use.

2. I completed the 10 free lessons offered and utilized their free Website Hosting Option.

During these 10 lessons, I build my 1st Website in 5 simple steps and added some useful content. The majority of this time was spent working on my layout and making my Website Google ready.

3. I created as much content as I could within that 1st week at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

I quickly realized that all the successful people within the community posted useful content frequently using the ideas they got from the Jaaxy keyword search tool at Wealthy affiliate among other methods of finding content ideas taught within the community. I immediately got to work because I could smell the success pie baking within the community and I wanted a piece form myself.

4. I upgraded to premium membership and transferred my free website to a Domain I own after seeing the potential to earn faster.

Using the free Website is great for starting it out at some point, you will want to buy your own “.com” website instead of using the free Website that you are given at WA. All your content will be automatically transferred to your own .com Website. Websites generally cost $9 – $14 per year. That is less than 1/20th of the money I spend on candy so I figured it was an easy enough investment.

5. I posted 2 articles per week on my Website.

After the initial progress,  I got busy with medical school and could only post twice per week. In these posts, I was reviewing products under my niche that are found on Amazon and other Affiliate Websites suggested by Wealthy Affiliate.

6. I watched the live training offered by Wealthy Affiliate weekly and implemented the suggestions on my Website. 

I saw the successful WA members raving about the live training offered weekly on Friday or Saturday depending on our time zones and decided that I needed some of that action. This is where the magic happened.

7. I binge-watched the recorded versions of the weekly live training sessions.

There were PLENTY, so I had to choose wisely initially. First I watched the videos about affiliate marketing. Then I moved on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) videos. This seems like a very techy word if you are new to it, but it is quite simple with the step by step training.

SEO is just some tips and tricks pertaining to your Website structure and content that will get Google to love your Website more than the competition online.

SEO ensures that when someone types something related to your content in Google, your article pops up on the first page. This way, your website gets the traffic to boost your income potential. You are not paying anything extra for this. It is just simple strategies that work. I implemented each suggestion on my Website and then moved to the next.

8. I ensured that my content remained fresh, interactive, and solved commonly asked questions under my niche

This ensured that my Website was ‘loved by Google’. To keep that Google love, you have to keep your posting frequency and quality at an acceptable level.

9. I used my Website to Apply to amazon and other companies with affiliate programs.

After gaining steady traffic from Google, I applied to some relevant affiliate programs. Most of these affiliate programs will not accept you as an associate unless you can prove that you have a way to generate traffic to their product links. This is why it is so important to have some way of generating content. I was accepted.

10. I added affiliate links to my Website

After I got accepted to some affiliate programs, I implemented the links on my Website and started to earn commissions. From there, I watched 2 particular videos at Wealthy Affiliate live training and implemented the suggestions. This was the straw that cracked the internet piggy bank. With those tips, I went up from $0 – $500 in 1 month and then from $500 – $1000 commissions in another 2 months.


My advice to you:

–as Someone who made all the silly mistakes and is now a Premium Yearly Wealthy Affiliate Member–

Start with a free membership and then take action if you can see the potential. These 10 things that I did are from my unique experience within the community but these are not hidden secrets.

If you go through the training and take action, you will get there. Your success depends on your work ethic and your ability to stay focused.

Keep your eyes on the prince. Get rid of the frogs. Do not get distracted by shiny new online jobs when you have a proven system that has been working for years. Your goal should be earning a stable, sustainable income online.


After you sign up, you will have access to viewing my profile and all my posts within the community, as well as that of thousands of members. You can read my community post about “Fast-tracking your success as a Newbie” and if you want my help within the community, send me a private message and I will take some time to point you in the right direction.


This was just a quick post to share how I moved from Scams to a successful online business without emptying my pockets on MLM products to do so.

More details about the Wealthy Affiliate program can be found by clicking the link in the sidebar or reading the post I suggested above.

If you are in the MLM business and it is working for you, then congrats! I salute to you! You have done what I failed miserably to do so share your experiences in the comment section below.

If you have been successful in Affiliate marketing, share your experience with us so others can learn along the way.

If you are a Newbie, you are in the right place to start something that will lead you to a stable online income while being a Homebody.

10 thoughts on “How I Moved From Zero to My First $1000 per Month Online Income”

  1. Hey and well done, Very inspirational article. I use the phrase in my posts ” Just Take Action ” and I have lived by it my whole life. Taking Action is the first biggest step you can make, the rest is determination, focus and the ability to learn. Affiliate marketing can lead to a life of financial freedom and flexibility, and Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start.
    Thanks for the read.
    It is always great to hear another success story. Imagine where you will be in 5 years’ time. Well done

    • Hello there Luke,

      I do imagine where I will be in 5 years and it is looking pretty good. If God’s will permit and I am still breathing, nothing but success will come from my online businesses 🙂 As you said,

      “Taking Action is the first biggest step you can make, the rest is determination, focus, and the ability to learn.”

      You might end up in one of our HbI quotes 😮

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing,


  2. Hey there,

    I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member. The training that Wealthy Affiliate offers is really amazing and can help anyone… no matter their background or level of understanding of affiliate marketing. As long as you’re willing to put in the time, and following the training, you too will also have good results making money from the comforts of your home.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hello Norman Richards,

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing. If Norman Richards is your WA user name I will follow you on Wealthy Affiliate also.

      Looking forward to meeting you within the community!


  3. Great article!

    I am also a WA member.

    I belie Wealthy Affiliate is the best Affiliate program online. The training is top-notch and the commissions are monthly recurring. What this means is that after people sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate platform and invite one friend to join, each month I get a commission from their monthly payment and not just a one-time commission like most of the other programs will offer. So people can and will earn a sustainable income not only from places like Amazon and Home depot like you mentioned but also from the WA program itself without the need for constant recruiting. What many find Amazing about the free membership is that you not only get the tools to start your affiliate marketing business online, but you also get the opportunity to earn commissions as a free member. Premium members will, of course, earn more and benefit from more lessons but to be able to earn from a free membership is something you do not see often. And at WA, free means free. No payment information needed until you decide to go premium or collect. Also, It is awesome that all my business at WA can be done Via Paypal!

    • You’re right. WA has the best free and premium membership that the industry has to offer. Hands down the best.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. A lot of valuable information you mentioned there…

  4. Your story is inspiring. I think your story could be the story of many online. I stumbled over Wealthy Affiliate myself after a scam. At first I was skeptic, but it changed as soon as I took the free trial and saw how much value they could offer and that it was the real thing.


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