HomeBody Income 60-day-challenge

HomeBody 60 Day SEO Challenge

Hello again HomeBody family!

Today, I want to start a 60-Day challenge geared towards SEO and community ranking. We are in the middle of a crisis and people are working assiduously to get ahead in whichever niche you are trying to dominate so that means you have to work twice as hard!

No pressure 🙂 Work at your own pace…It is more about working smart in this industry anyways. When both are combined, we are unstoppable. So if you think you can handle this 60-Day challenge jump right in!

This is what we will do

1. Make a list

Everything I do starts with a list. If you do not already have your next 30 posts planned, get on that. Find at least 15 post ideas with strong keywords. You can work on the other 15 during this 60 challenge.


2. Get Social

If you are not on any social platforms (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) sign up for at least 3. You should really get on Pinterest. Watch the lesson below to learn how to make great posts.


I’m not on Tiktok and I am not sure if I ever will but who knows.

Post to each at least 4 days per week. This does not have to be fresh content. You can repurpose old content that just wasn’t working or continue to market the one that is working for you.


3. Make a Posting Schedule

Make a schedule for your posts aiming for 1 every other day or 3-4 posts per week. Use Jay’s magic list from this lesson


…And follow the steps outlined in this “post-post” routine



4. Interact within WA


Things you can do:

  • Try to answer at least 3 questions per day
  • Comment on someone’s WA post.
  • Post something of your own
  • Welcome at least 3 new members
  • Join live chat
  • Leave site comments
  • Request site comments


5. Continued Education

  • Attend magistudios weekly live sessions or watch playbacks.
  • Complete at least 4 lessons per week.


6. Take a day of rest.

No WEBSITE STUFF!! Put your feet up

7. Keep Each Other Updated and Motivated

Drop a comment below at the end of your week to let me know how it is going!


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