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EZVIDEON.XYZ Review – Make money online watching videos or Scam?

Hello HomeBodies, today on “I already tried that,” I tried EzVideon.xyz to see if we can make money online from watching videos. Is EzVideon.XYZ a scam?

I spent a little over 1-hour watching videos on my ezvideon account and it was credited with USD 102. So now you might be saying, well drop the link already! Read the review first and then make an informed decision.

Find out exactly what you are getting yourself into before signing up.


How I found out about EzVideon.XYZ

A friend sent me the link saying “I found this app that pays you in USD to watch videos online!”

Doubtful Me: “Were you paid?”

Person: “The person who sent the link said they collected their money via PayPal”

Less Doubtful Me: “Okay, PayPal? Well let me try it out and let you and my readers know”

So here is what I did in preparation for this review

1. I created a new Gmail account because there was no way I was going to use my real email address on a sketchy looking Website.

2. I created a PayPal account.

3. I used my VPN protected browser to sign up using the new Gmail address.

This is what the page looks like when you click on the link

Now you can see videos of different values. All you need to do now is click on one and start watching.

I watched a few. So let’s talk about the pros and cons I found so far:


1. No sign-up fee

2. No bank account information needed to sign up

3. You can get paid via :

  • Paypal
  • Master Card
  • Visa card
  • Western union.

4. No explicit videos were seen so far

5. It seems to display videos based on topics you chose previously, for example, I watched a microwave review video then a Nike shoes review video. After this, I saw a lot of reviews related to microwaves and brand named shoes review video selections.

6. High price points for video watch time. You get paid approximately 50 cents for every minute of watch time.

7. The countdown system is accurate. I tested the time alongside my stopwatch and it was spot on. So they are “not robbing you of your time.”

8. Potential to earn from their referral program. So as soon as you sign up, you get an affiliate link to get other people to sign up.

Now this takes me to the Cons  of this video  watching gig


1. Each video has a price point but it does not tell you how long the video is. So you might see a video for $33 and click watch, then realize it is 40  minutes long. This happened to me. I was very annoyed. I soon came to realize that the higher the price point, the longer the video.

2.  You cannot pause the videos. I accidentally paused that 40 minutes video close to the end of the video. A warning popped up then it went back to the home page and I lost all that watch time plus the video was no longer in the selection on the screen.

3. Lack of transparency. Nothing but surprises along the way.

After signing up, you do not get any instructions. You just land on the page to start watching videos. After watching one video for $3, I tried to cash out and a warning message popped up saying I cannot cash out until I have passed $100 worth of watch time. At this point, I had only watched one quick video for $3.

Since this was only an experiment for me, you can imagine how annoying this was. I just wanted to cash out and see if the USD would actually go to my PayPal account or not.

Anyways, for my dedicated readers, I soldiered on.

While I quite enjoyed some of the videos, like the top 10 TV shows to watch now, some of which I must admit, I  intend to go and watch, I really just wanted to get the experiment over with and see if it actually works!

I allowed the videos to run until I made over $100 as seen below.

So now I was like,

“Finally!! I can cash out”. 

So I try to cash out once more…

But EzVideon.XYZ was like:

” Oh you thought this was so easy?… are you stupid? Are you an idiot? COME ON??!!!!”

Well no, that is not what it said but it might as well have said that. I took a screenshot of the message.

Take a look

Now they are saying that I need 30 referrals before I can cash out!


“Do I look like a joke to you?”

At this point, I am at the maximum level of annoyance so I take a nap.


Okay, back at it.

At this point, I decided to just write up the review, publish and complete my opinion of it after I get the 30 signups… because I love you, HomeBodies, I really do, but there is no way I am going out there to search for 30 signups. Sorry guys. I gave up on that life years ago. Now I earn money doing what I love.

So let us help each other to complete this review

This is what you need  to do so we can all find out if this is a “money-making gig” like my friend said:

1. Create a new email address and sign up using the link below

2. Subscribe to our blog to receive an update when we reach 30 signups so we can let you know if this online opportunity actually works

3. Comment below saying you signed up

When we reach 30 signups, I’ll update the post to let u know if they finally allowed me to cash out

…Or if we will have another curveball thrown our way.

Personally, and this is just me (speaking from 10 years of experience, but hey, you don’t have to take my word for it), I think these people are:

  1. Building an email list to spam you
  2. Collecting money from YouTubers to get views, but way less than what they promise to pay you. Buying views is a real thing but it is less expensive than their price points on the videos, which is why this could never be real.

ezvideon scam

If EzVideon.XYZ actually works:

1. I’d be pleasantly surprised and you would be too.

By pleasantly surprised I mean “shook.” This kind of stuff really never works, especially with such a high payout value on the videos. I am 98% sure that this is a scam but hey, never say never right?

We would both earn over $100 per hour to let videos play while we go about our business.

On which planet though?

Think about it for a second…

How much would a YouTube vlogger have to pay this site to get 1 view for them to pay you this much? It is just not feasible HomeBodies.

The FAQ page on the Website says that their team of experts filters all the videos from all advertisers and only accepts the highest paying clients so this is why they can afford to pay you so much. Still looks sketchy to me but, that’s just my opinion.

They also have a support page where people ask questions about payout. The FAQ says it may take up to 4  hours to receive payments. There are testimonials from people who received payments.

I could create a scammy Website today and create 10 different email addresses to use as testimonials so I would take all of this with a grain of salt

2. We would have earned over 100 USD for doing absolutely nothing and I will finally eat my words.

Me on a Monday: “Making money online is not easy

Me, on a Tuesday: “Online jobs are still ‘jobs’ but you get to choose your own hours”,

Me all other days of the week: “If it is too easy, it is a scam. Yadayadayaa…etc. etc.”

If you are a regular here then you already know my philosophy about working online …If not, well you need to read a few more articles, then subscribe to my blog because by then you would have fallen in love with how I take care of my HomeBodies.

I suggest you start with:

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Also, take a look at my number 1 recommendation for making money online


Okay HomeBodies, let’s get this dog and pony show on the road. I’ll be back as soon as we get those 30 signups.

Take one for the team and sign up as I did, or let me know your opinion of this “Earn Money Watching Videos” Website.

Until then, see you in the comment section below.

Take care and be safe HomeBodies.



HomeBody Income Website Creator and Administrator

16 thoughts on “EZVIDEON.XYZ Review – Make money online watching videos or Scam?”

  1. lol,

    Your story about ezvideon.xyz is quite funny, I have been laughing all along. What amazes me the most is the fact that you are actually trying to make an effort on withdrawing your $100. Come on man, they are not gonna pay you that money. I think there is actually no need for that, just that dude who introduced this stuff to you for proof of payment he received simple. 

    Nevertheless, I will look into those other links you shared on how you make money online, but this one is way out of it. I really do not have that patience and data to waste on those videos. Tell me something else. lol 

    Thanks for the review.

    • You’re Welcome Tackie Richie.

      In our “I already tried that” section of the Website, I do it so you never need to. But there is a limit to my madness.

      I’m very happy you found this helpful and the story got the message across effectively. 

      I still hope I get the 30 sign-ups though, so I can post definitively that this is without a 2% doubt (lol), a scam.


  2. Hey Crystal, you have done a great job reviewing Ezvideon XYZ. I am quite impressed by the amount of money one an earn from this platform by simply watching videos. I think it would be worth every time and data that would be spent watching these videos if truly it is legitimate. Well, I doubt if this is legitimate really. I can’t wait to see the end of this review. 30 referrals? Let’s do this.

    • Just remember to take the necessary precautions before signing up! 

      Thanks for participating 🙂 

      Let’s do this!

  3. hellloo dear, thanks alt for sharing these amazing review with us all, it is really nice to see these post, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post online, i was actually reffered to these program by my uncle but i wasnt sure if it was legit or not, but after seeing your post i believe i now know what step to take, thanks alot for the info

    • You’re welcome. Stay safe out there. These people are stealth with the scams. Disclaimer… I am yet to get the 30 subs but I am pretty sure this is a scam.

  4. Thanks a lot for this informative and well detailed article on Ezevideon.Xyz….I actually found this funny ,this obviously is a scam …its just a way of getting money from people they really gave good offers by making it free buy with time money will definitely be involved. I can’t possible waste my time on this .keep up the good work.

    • I’m sure they will find a way to squeeze some cash out of people. If you look at the message for the referrals, they say you can buy some…hmmmm…

  5. Hi there

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us, it’s really bad to get sign up for something that’s look very real and the end what is expected of you is even more than what you first put in. I had my own experience with a survey site. After spending months to save enough for my withdrawal, the referral stuff pup up. 

  6. Heloo over there, a big thanks to you for sharing this unbiased review on ezvideon.xyz, I have basically been thinking, can one actually make money while watching videos online on the ezvideon platform? I think that has been answered here on this review buuuuut I still think it could be really a nice platform. I’ll give it a try. 

    • Please do not go into this with any expectations. If you sign up, just do it for our Website to get the 30 subs but this is not something I would recommend to make money online. I would be very surprised if anyone ever made a cent from this platform.  Also, please take the precautions that I mentioned above. 

      I will give you an update as soon as the 30 subs come in.

  7. hello dear,
    thanks a lot for sharing. I appreciate the honestly but how to make money online by watching videos on EzVideon? Is there a way?… I have heard about this very platform for me French but I actually wanted to make research on it to find out how legit it is, thanks to you for sharing such an unbiased review about EzVideon..henceforth I look forward to giving it to try…..

    • Please do not put all your eggs in this basket. Sign up just for the experiment we are running but do not go into this with any expectations. I will send you an update when we reach the final verdict but I am pretty sure we will not be cashing out.

      Check out my #1  recommendation for making money online and see if that is something you would be interested in… but I am still waiting on the 30 subs to confirm my suspicions about EzVideon so approach this one with caution.

  8. The site I must admit looks very sketchy! But for the 2% chance that this may actually work……I signed up. I’m wiling to take one for the team guys. #HomeBodySacrifices.


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