5 ways to make money online from a website during a crisis

5 Ways to Make Money Online From Websites During A Crisis

During a crisis, it is easy to lose sight of all the opportunities that just fell into your lap. When everything is going to hell all around us, that is when we need to strike. I am here to remind you that this is the time you get to work. Now is the time when the smart online choices need to made to tide you over this messy year. Now is the time to sew seeds my friends.

With the economy going to the dogs, now is the time when people are coming online to look for new opportunities, new income streams, new product choices, and new ways of thinking. Many people will be laid off. Sad but true. How can you get ahead of all this?

  1. Find out what is trending and get your claws in
  2. Find out what people want and supply it
  3. Take a stand
  4. Make a current but flexible brand
  5. Find a solution to a problem

1. What is trending?

For example, during the COVID-19 crisis, if you follow the stock market, google trends, twitter trends, etc, you will see that you can capitalize on the following:

  1. The make money online rush from the unemployed or bored
  2. Home improvement ideas
  3. Gardening Tips
  4. Home Schooling 
  5. Online communication platforms such as Zoom.

Any of those niches would be good to be in right now. When you write anything under those headings, chances are you will have an audience. Now all you need to do is market/leverage your content to make money from it. For example, your make money online niche could suggest places to earn cash that offer commissions for signing up while your gardening niche could suggest gardening tools to buy on Amazon.


2. Which products are currently in demand?


I know what you’re thinking… toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and other cleaning products. So go ahead and link those brand name tissues in your sidebar! Why not?

The less obvious products would be your kitchen appliances, coffee makers, coffee beans, headphones, etc. Think about the things that can make staying at home a bit more tolerable. Think about the products related to everyone’s new hobby. Everyone will be able to cook coming out of this crisis and Pinterest will make sure of it. So get in on that action.

3. Take a stand, have a voice, share your opinion

Your opinion matters! Especially now with all the controversy.

I am not saying you should be stirring up hate mail but a unique voice on the current state of the world or your community will get people’s attention. Find something you are passionate about and take a stand. Then all you need to do is leverage and earn.


4. Make a current but lasting brand

What can you do now that will be relevant to the current crisis and still matter even after everything has cooled down?

For example, looking back at the online communication/zoom trend, you could try to find other communication platforms to review on your Website. People are always looking for alternatives to the norm, especially if it is a cheaper alternative.

This will be relevant even after the crisis as businesses and the general public realize that it is possible for them to have some effective meetings online. Since this is a cheaper alternative to paying for plane tickets, I believe that this will stick in the coming years. Fewer companies will invest large sums in the budgets for sending employees all over the world unless absolutely necessary.

5. Find a solution to a problem

Keep calm, we've got you covered

This is the point of having a useful niche but in a crisis, it becomes even more imperative to your success.

If your Website is not contributing to solving any of the current problems then it is likely to take a back seat while other Websites thrive.

So whatever your niche may be, find out what problems are being faced in your niche as a result of the crisis and try to write about possible solutions.

Do you own a Website? If not, now is the time to put some roots online.

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