20 Tips for Increasing Website Traffic Generated From Social Media

  1. Be Engaging
    1. Share a quote
    2. Share a personal experience
    3. Share your success with your followers
    4. Share a joke
    5. Host Q&A or AMA session
    6. Go behind the scenes
    7. Remind people who you are, how you got started
    8. Tell people what you sell
    9. Post a ‘how-to’ tutorial
    10. Host a poll or giveaway – physical or digital product
    11. Share you faves
    12. Ask for recommendations – business-related or other
    13. Tell people to sign up on your list
    14. Give away a coupon
    15. Remind people to buy your product or services
    16. Go live – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…you name it.
    17. Post a pre-launch or coming soon idea
    18. Post a blog you wrote
  2.  Be Consistent
  3. Be charitable
  4. Be honest
  5. Be unique
  6. Be concise
  7. Be politically correct…Or NOT
  8. Be current
  9. Be empathetic
  10. Be encouraging
  11. Be curious-learn more about your area to become an expert in your supposed area of expertise
  12. Be humble
  13. Be rational
  14. Be Persistent
  15. Be vulnerable
  16. Be strong
  17. Be amiable to suggestions
  18. Be polite
  19. Be the best version of yourself

Work-in-progress…Article Under Construction


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